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by Kaylin DíAire, co-founder of the Labelit Poison Foundation

Last week, January 27th, the Journal of the American Medical Association "JAMA" published the findings of a study to assess the genetic inheritance of Parkinsonís disease "PD" that was picked up and reported by every major newspaper and television network in the country. It garnered such widespread attention because the study that screened over 19,000 twins found conclusive evidence that PD is environmentally triggered contrary to popular belief that it was genetic and an "old age" disease. Other studies indicate that the PD producing culprits are pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and industrial chemicals.

Philip Landrigan, M.D. and Herbert Needleman, M.D., in their book, "Raising Children Toxic Free," state that an estimated 80 to 90 percent of all cancer in humans is caused by exposure to carcinogens found in the environment. Cancer is now the number one disease killer of children from late infancy through early adulthood.

Jonathan Harr, in his book A CIVIL ACTION, (now a popular motion picture) tells about Woburn, Massachusetts where seven children died of leukemia due to industrial chemicals in their drinking water. This scenario, where clusters of children are sick or dying from diseases with strange names because of industrial chemicals in their drinking water, playgrounds, homes and schools has been repeated hundreds of times. One only has to look at Tomís River to see the same events unfolding today.

All of these reports are only the tip of the iceberg. It is important to understand that the very same industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides are found in the average American home under the kitchen skin. Not in big drums with skull and cross bones and scary warnings describing special handling and gear requirements. But rather, in attractive, colorful containers with matching television commercials encouraging people to smell their virtues.

And if you think the average household does not have pesticides or insecticides under the sink you are wrong, and you (or your children) could be literally dead wrong. If you have a product such as dish washing soap, laundry detergent, hand soap, all purpose cleaner or mouthwash and it has the words "antibacterial," "antifungal," "antiseptic," "disinfectant," or "antimicrobial" on the label, it contains a pesticide or insecticide.

Toxins are accumulative in the human body; constant exposure will ultimately cause it to break down with some sort of "dis-ease." Children are especially susceptible because their organs are still developing and therefore not as resilient as adults'. It is necessary for people to realize that there are alternatives and that they can significantly impact their own environments by making choices: to either continue to be bombarded by "environmental toxins" daily basis or make a concerted effort to rid them from homes, schools and workplaces and to replace them with safe alternatives like KD Gold.


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